The waste water collected by the sewage system in Budva is emptied into the shaft of the pumping station PS03 Zeps. PS Zeps is a facility with overall dimensions of 7.90 mx 11.90 m, consisting of an underground and an above- ground part, and the total gross area of ​​the facility is 121.1 m2. In the above-ground part of the building there is a room with electrical equipment, and in the basement there is a pumping station with a bottom elevation of 2.25 meters above sea level and a machine hall where there are 3+1 pumping units, each with a power of 90 kW, with a flow rate of 147 l/s. For the mechanical purification of waste water, rotating grates for a coarse grate, model PWL Procat ® IG circulation grates on rakes, were installed.

Grilles combine the advantages of rotating grating system with functional mechanics and inclined, segmented and replaceable grating field in order to obtain the highest possible, free flow average. Moving chains with a moving unit, a power supply unit and a drive unit are arranged in the load-bearing steel structure itself. Cleaning plates are mounted on the moving (traction) chain of the conveyor , the number of which is adapted to the need. The grid field is continuously cleaned using a truck with a plow, where the content from the grid is transported to the discharge point. The PWL Procat ® rotating grate works without the content of spray water and is insensitive to rubble and sand. Waste water from the pumping station is pumped to the collecting pumping station Budva via the 630x37.4 PE100 pipeline.